Problem Gambling May Not Be An ‘Addiction’

New research from the University of Sydney shows that problem gambling should not be lumped into the same category as other addictions, such as those that involve drugs or alcohol. Rather than calling it an ‘addiction’, doctors at the university state that it is a ‘misguided obsession’ which requires a different brand of treatment in order to help patients.

At University of Sydney’s Gambling Treatment Centre, Dr. Fadi Anjoul has determined that problem gambling requires different treatment methods than other forms of addiction. He states that this is the case because the same features are not present, such as tolerance or withdrawal. With different symptoms, he safely assumes that the forms of treatment that work for alcohol and drug addictions are not effective for problem gamblers.

“Traditional therapies tend to focus on ways to help people deal with their urges when they occur,” says Dr. Anjoul.

As a contrast, he has developed a new and innovative form of cognitive therapy by helping them change their thinking, behaviour and responses overall. He states that it has seen much greater success than traditional forms of addiction therapy, since patients are seeing much lower relapse rates as a result of the new method.

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